Natura Coffee and Tea

The Jabronis


This was a wonderful small coffee house just on the boarder of the UCF campus, so I am assuming it’s a central hub for a lot of the UCF fine arts kinds to hang out. It’s not only a coffee house, but a hookah lounge, as well as a full on bar with all sorts of different beers, and some wine. While chilling with my Red Table buddy Antonio we enjoyed a rock/alternative band called The Jabronis it was a great time, and they rocked out!


For my first time at Natura Coffee and Tea I was pleased with the atmosphere and the people that were around, however; I wasn’t so pleased with the Irish Cream Latte. The foam on the top was amazing, but the coffee itself was bland, and didn’t have a real good taste. I do plan on going back in the hopes of trying something different. I know every Sunday is Open Mic night so if you love that kind of stuff make sure to check out Natura Coffee and Tea. Overall I would give Natura Coffee and Tea a 3 out of 5 stars. The coffee is just too hot, but there is a great college atmosphere for you to enjoy.


Peace & Love,


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