Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

Great Atmosphere

Bikes Beans & Bordeaux, or to everyone who lives around here, B3 Cafe; is a great little neighborhood cafe where it’s okay to “B yourself at B3.” It smells of pressed panini’s and coffee, with warm deep dark red walls and painted artwork accenting off them. Two nice sized leather couches accompany the coffee drinker, along with a selection of seating throughout the small cafe. Three bars aline near the cashier allowing the on the go coffee drinker to sip their coffee quickly while reading the paper. It’s everything a little neighborhood  cafe should be, and this is exactly what I have been looking for in a small coffee shop.

For the wine drinker, they have a great selection of wines, as well as beer. From what their website reads, they update their beer and wine list every month. It’s great to always have that new fresh selection of different things, and it keeps the cafe environment new and exciting. Aside from the indoor seating, there is some outdoor seating but it’s very limited to the normal cafe. Then again this is a smaller “neighborhood” cafe. What’s really different here especially than Stardust (which is right around the corner from B3) is this place is packed! Within the first few minutes of me being here, more and more people just came right on in. It’s a great hot spot for lunch, and an ice coffee especially being out here in the Sunshine State!

The Latte

Now down to the business of things! The latte. I should really just be a latte reviewer, but it still falls into the coffee realm of things. It’s brilliant. I can’t be anymore precious on just how great and delicious this latte is. It’s been brewed perfectly, along with a even subtle foam on top. This is the perfect latte for a great warm afternoon. It does nothing but put a huge smile on your face from ear to ear! This isn’t a spot for open mics, or events like that, but they do have an awesome lunch, and a great latte!

Overal this is a fantastic spot for you to come sit down, have an enjoyable lunch, and a great cup of coffee. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant. I give B3 Cafe a 5 out 5 stars. If you are in the Orlando area and need a new spot to kick it, it’s here at Bikes Beans & Bordeaux!

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