Continuation of Latte Art

There’s so much to be desired from a great latte, they happen to be my favorite of choice when I order any type of coffee. This And Art special is a continuation of some great latte art designs from around the web. If you click the photos it’ll bring you back to the desired web page I found them from. A great quote from blogger, Andrew Vesselinovitch wrote on his Coffee Art post, “If life is powered by sugar, sex, and coffee, these images may be close to pornographic.” One of his coffee art photos is displayed here, and he’s absolutely right these photos are almost pornographic. I can’t help but say, I love the sex of coffee! Enjoy!!



  1. Just stumbled across your blog and love it. Beautiful coffee artistry! I didn’t see an email subscribers option .. did I miss it? Thanks for sharing.

    • My apologize on the late response Leslie, and I will get on it so you can subscribe to blog! Glad you enjoyed the post, been off the map for a bit, but I’m comin’ back!!!

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