Starbucks Sleeve Project

Hello again! Here is something exciting that I have slowly started working on that I think you’ll all enjoy. You see I was sitting in class, funny thing is the class is titled PCP for short, however we’re not on drugs so don’t worry! Anyways, and I had brought in a cup of Starbucks, and you all know they give you a sleeve to project your fingers/hands from the “extremely hot beverage” that you’re about to enjoy. Well while I was sitting there I had taken the sleeve off, the coffee had cooled down by this point, and my dear good friend Audrey took the sleeve. She then drew on it!

This got me thinking, what if I got people to just start randomly drawing on their Starbuck sleeve’s and mailing them in to me so I can photograph it and then do something even cooler with all of them after! I mean that’s the long term idea with it, but I have already collected three, all of which have been from Audrey since I just haven’t had the time to sit an enjoy a cup of Starbucks at a Starbucks. Here are the three photos I have taken so far, and you can follow the journey through my Instagram where I’ll be posting them to the public to view. You can email me your photographed sleeves to and I’ll get them posted on here, and my Instagram! Don’t worry I’ll give you guys credit.

Stay tuned, and enjoy the photos!

Drawn by Audrey


Drawn by Audrey

Drawn by Audrey


Peace & Love,




  1. Great idea! I love the sleeves at Starbucks

  2. Nice creative idea, I have to remember to save my sleeves.

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