Starbucks Sleeve Art Update

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend has been filled with great people, and lots of coffee! It’s a beautiful day….actually it’s been a beautiful week here in Orlando. Not going to lie this place is sort of kinda growing on me, yes absolutely the people aren’t the greatest of drivers, but come on this place has some hidden spots all over. Not to mention next month I get to work with a wonderful nonprofit organization here in Central Florida, United Arts. I’m pretty excited for all the ArtsFest events, and of course I’ll keep you readers up-to-date with all of that fun stuff!

Anyways let’s dive right on in. Earlier this week I received an email from an awesome reader who was interested in more of this small project. She’s been collecting coffee sleeves for a little over 5 years!!!! 5 YEARS!! That blew my mind. I just started this small little project and I am already getting a lot of great art! This week I got two submissions from Megan Jakobson. Here are her two photos, remember if you want to be a part of this project just send me your pictures to or @ reply me on twitter @benjamingreger and I’ll post them on my Instagram, and here as well of course!

Drawn by Megan

Drawn by Megan


Peace & Love,



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