Starbucks Sleeve Art Creating New Heights

Hello everyone! It was a busy weekend of food, laughs, drinks, and great people, and of course coffee! We can all celebrate the GIANTS WON!!! It was a good game, the commercials however sucked, but that’s okay…I guess. Sorry for the late post on this one, a lot of you have been taking this Starbucks Sleeve art project to new heights. I want to thank Megan again for her awesome submissions like always, my father, Matthew Greger, who has been doing some serious art work to his Starbucks Sleeves. My awesome cousin Elizabeth, I had a great drawing submitted by Paula “Through the maze past the tree and beyond the stars,” and of course Audrey! I just wanted to take a moment and really thank all of you who have submitted. I think this art project that we are all working on is going to become much bigger than I think any of us really expect. I look forward to continuing this awesome project with you guys in the hopes that it really does amount to something bigger. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Remember if you’d like to be apart of this project please send your submissions in an email to I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. I’ll post them here and through my Instagram! Here’s last week’s submissions:

Drawn by Audrey

Drawn by Paula

Drawn by Megan

Drawn by Elizabeth

Cut-Out by Matthew

Drawn by Matthew

Drawn by Matthew

Peace & Love,


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