Downtown Credo

Caramel Latte

Hello everyone. If you have been following my Instagram closely lately, or FB, or even just my regular twitter (speaking on that I am probably going to delete the @AndCoffeeBlog account so make sure to follow my @BenjaminGreger one). Many of you should all notice the wonderful creations Downtown Credo has been making me every morning as I work on writing for another blog, TheDailyCity. It’s perfect to the touch, not to hot, not cold at all, and perfectly enjoyable on any given day. The last few days here in the Sunshine state have been gloomy, which is reminding me a lot of the New England weather which I enjoy. Let’s talk atmosphere.

I have been arriving for the last week at Downtown Credo at around 9AM, and at first it’s slow there aren’t a lot of people walking in and out, but about 45minutes to and hour later the place is usually jumping. The environment is friendly and open, there’s awesome seating throughout, and the barista’s give you a warm inviting feeling. Now usually I am big on watching my coffee being made, it’s part of the experience I sort have come to love, however here at Downtown Credo I order and walk to my seat.

Caramel Mocha Macchiato

This is a bit unusual for me, but I find that every time my drink comes to me, it’s perfect, every time. I have yet to order something that I just don’t find enjoyable. I think the best part about Downtown Credo is their payment method. Being a student it’s a bit hard trying to continuously go out and try all of these different coffee shops, let alone keep up with my Starbucks addiction; Downtown Credo allows you to pay what you can. How cool is that? Supposedly more and more smaller “mom and pop” coffee shops are beginning to do this which I think is a great alternative.

Yes there are suggested prices but being a student, or someone who just doesn’t have a lot of money, or is just one of those starving artists, Downtown Credo is the place to go. Trust me the coffee, the lattes, the small treats, the environment, the staff, and everyone at Downtown Credo will welcome you with a great big smile. I give Downtown Credo a  stars, it’s the perfect getaway and alternative to your normal coffee shop you go to. So let Downtown Credo know the CoffeeDrinkersBlog sent ya!


Peace & Love,



  1. Went there last Friday during my lunchtime, liked it. Was cool paying via Square on the iPhone.
    I do agree it’s a different experience from the norm in most coffee shops in Orlando.

    I showed them that photo of your caramel latte but was told that the guy who did that sort of thing isn’t around anymore, pity.

    • That is a pity, wish they kept him around. I am here this morning again and the guy who made my coffee today did a small latte art design on it. I did find it pretty cool that they use Square as well for the iPhone. It is a different experience, try Barnies sometime soon tell me how you enjoy that place!

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