Starbucks Sleeve Art Project Update, 2/13/12

Hello my fellow coffee lovers. This past week seemed to be the week of aliens, (that link was just for SEO purposes only) and I have now received the very first sleeve art that came from outside Starbucks. That’s right if you have a favorite coffee joint other than Starbucks please don’t be afraid to send me work on another sleeve. If I begin to start getting a lot of other drawings on different sleeves I’d properly change the name of this project. Speaking of Starbucks I just got another 15 stars for my free drink and I am patiently….very patiently waiting for that post card in the mail. Well without further ado I present to you last week’s sleeve art designs enjoy! If you’d like to be apart of this project please submit your drawings to which then will be featured here and through my Instagram.


Drawn by Katie (my sister)

Drawn by Blake

Drawn by Robert

Drawn by Robert


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