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Quokka Coffee

Hello my fellow coffee lovers! I’m coming out on this one swinging. First no coffee shop should ever charge you extra for whipped cream. That should be a given. Now I understand from what I can see while I’m here that this is a fairly new establishment (not worth my 45 minute drive out here). However I can see where people can become attached to this charming spot, Quokka Coffee. It is indeed charming everything is pretty much brand new.

3 flat screen Samsung TV’s, a future beer and wine list, surf board tables for the window seating, and a comfy leather couch. What brought me all the way out here? The Flat-White. It’s the Aussie favorite and I had to give it a go especially after a recent article that I wrote for The Daily City. What I have a hard time dealing with is on Quokka Coffee’s website are misrepresented photos of what their coffee actually looks like. You can see my Flat-White photo, there’s no latte art. I get it maybe it’s me being a bit of a *insert curse word here* but come on. Every Flat-White photo on the internet has some sort of latte art on it.


Let me get into the meat of it, the coffee was enjoyable regardless of the un-velvetiness of the foam, the atmosphere is loud due to the street being right on top of you as you enjoy your coffee. However the people seem some what friendly…to the locals who come in here. If I compare this to B3’s atmosphere (them being a bike specific coffee shop) Side note: Floridians and their bikes can be…eh…well you know snotty.

Anyways B3’s atmosphere is so welcoming and inviting, they don’t care if you ride a bike or not, they simply love you! I am pretty disappointed in this place, so I’m not going to really recommend it to anyone. I think what I can’t get over is the payment for extras that I think should just be a given in my opinion…whipped cream…really?


 stars in my book, not worth the 45 minute drive, coffee was good, but it could have been better, still too new of a place for me.


Peace & Love,



  1. What a shame, sucks to go out of one’s way to support local coffee shops only to be met with disappointment. I’m all for that but in cities like Orlando, chains are sometimes the best option and that’ll lead me into a rant about cafe owners not being serious about coffee… like latte art.

    I agree that pricing is higher that other spots I’ve been too and think it has to do with serving local and fair trade items. But Axum and Downtown Credo, for example, do something along those lines and prices are lower as I recall in Axum’s case.

    I haven’t noticed the whipped cream issue since I like my coffee drinks without it. Still, charging extra for whipped cream is like charging extra for ketchup.

    • Yes it is a shame that local coffee shops don’t seem to know where they really stand when it comes to chain specific coffee shops like Starbucks. What was so appalling to me was the fact that they did charge extra for things I felt should have been a given. Don’t get me wrong shots of syrup, and extra shots of espresso do cost extra at chain specific coffee shops. But let me break it down even further. Barnies is a good example of doing something right for the right price. They provide a 16oz. cup of coffee for the price of a small at Quokka.

      Don’t advertise great design A.K.A. latte art on your website and then provide me with the drink I had today. I think my expectations especially when it comes to small local shops like that are higher because they do have to provide an experience similar if not better than the main guy…Starbucks. B3 has to be the only place where I feel it’s right for them to serve beer and wine, and that’s saying a lot. I don’t agree with the beer and wine listings at coffee shops. Orlando seems to be a tough market here when it comes to coffee, but I can guarantee you that the person who does it right will make a good amount of money.

      Anyways that’s enough of me ranting on about this place I just didn’t have the experience I was hoping for. I’m glad you can find something enjoyable about Quokka.

      • A lot of places in Orlando that call themselves coffee shops are better categorized as cafe’s (the types that sell more than light snacks).

        Overall experience I’d say good to OK. I’ve lowered my expectations around here appreciate there’s something nearby. Quokka is 3.5 miles from where I live so it’s ideal as I don’t have to drive far. It’s great on days I don’t have to go to Winter Park and I can work from there. The nearest Starbucks is 6.5 miles but since it’s off of US 192, it takes longer to get there due to traffic on that road. Along with City Centre and Broadway Pizza, Quokka helps the historic Downtown Kissimmee improve.

        Service is good but could be better, last weekend an older couple was asking the cashier what the difference between a latte and some other coffee was, and her answer wasn’t that correct or good. When making coffee, it takes too long to make it compared to other places.
        Hopefully they improve once their newbiness wears off.

        • Greatly put! Thank you for sharing, I hope people read that to get an understanding. You’re right they are categorized better as “cafes” but still the art of coffee doesn’t die just because it’s a cafe. Being so close to downtown Orlando, and Winter Park I’d say I have the luxury of checking out the more well received “cafes.”

          I hope the coffee scene gets a little better around here, and I hope people can see outside of the “cafe” and stick to better quality coffee, and coffee making. It’s a shame that the cashier gave not-so-good information. Thanks for sharing!

      • Hi Coffee Blogger,

        Well firstly I am the owner of ‘Quokka Coffee’ and I appreciate your comments and the opportunity for you to visit our store. I have taken your coments on board and I appreciate them.

        What’s of importance is that we are only a new business and that the staff and I are learning on offering the best possible service for the best price point. As a whole our prices are very competitive (lunch, side and drink for under $7). That said please be assured that we working on making our product better.

        I think being a blogger that you need to acknowledge people making positive investments in these very tough times. Opening a coffee shop in downtown Kissimmee was a risk, but we all need to start making investments to turn this economy around. I’m doing my part, and will open more ‘Quokkas’ around Florida within the next few months.

        I welcome you back at any time to monitor our progress.

        Tim Majors

        • Hello Tim,

          Thank you for responding. I appreciate what you’ve had to say, and with that I’ll begin by saying this; You have a great opportunity to be an established business. Coffee is an experience, and should follow an inviting, warm, and personable one. While at Quokka I understand how it can be convenient for fellow locals of the Kissimmee area. However this is not worth my drive of 45 minutes. Customer service is what I think is most valuable to any business in today’s times. I was not greeted with that inviting atmosphere. Maybe it had to do with the busy construction of the shop, and the other distractions outside.

          I will say you may have competitive prices in your area, however when I relate it to Barnies Coffee Kitchen (located on Park Ave. in downtown Winter Park) your prices are overpriced. When it comes to coffee, Barnies is providing a product that is cheaper and more efficient than Quokka, not to mention well crafted. I understand, and even noted that your place is still very new. I also understand that the kinks are not fully worked out yet. There is an art to coffee, and being an “Australian” based coffee shop I believe you have some high expectations when it comes to your craft.

          I think as a blogger my acknowledgement is not what’s being invested into the economy. I am providing simple reviews for people to read, and they have the choice to either go or not. Of course my review may or may not want them to go to whichever coffee shop I review. It’ll be interesting to see the improvements in your shop and until then I’ll wait on going back to Quokka Coffee.

          Thank you,

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