For The Love of Coffee


I first would like to extend a huge apology for taking a several month hiatus from this wonderful blog. I can’t lie I have been hesitant to regain my interest into this wonderful world of coffee, for a minute I was afraid I lost my true interest in it. It’s not easy maintaining a blog, then again I am sure many of you who write and operate their own blog can understand how hard it can be to maintain.

But I’m back. I’m back because I can’t hide the love that I have for coffee, and for what it does to people. I’d like to share a small story with many of you that honestly will always put a smile on my face. For those who are returning you know that I have a huge love for Starbucks, and the experiences that Starbucks offers. I usually am always relating my other coffee experiences to the Starbucks experience. For those who didn’t know…well know you know, I love Starbucks.

So, I’m not a fan of Dunkin Donuts. You see there’s two types of people I believe in this world. Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts people. Before someone jumps down my throat, there isn’t anything wrong with this at all; there’s just two types of people in this world when it comes to coffee. Think about it, you have your experience goers (like myself) who find the comfort in enjoying the atmosphere of how coffee brings people together. Then you have your “I just need my morning cup of joe!” See two different people.

Shelby Makin Funny Faces

So my absolute beautiful favorite girl came down to visit me…(for everyone reading TheCoffeeMan™ is in love, and not with just his coffee). Shelby visited for a wonderful and amazing time and the first place I brought her when she arrived was Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen. I mean how could I not! It’s one of those places that just always feels so warm and inviting, like I said they really do give Starbucks a run for their money. However she enjoys tea rather than a cup of coffee. I have always wanted to begin venturing into teas…just haven’t had the time. I did take her to Infusion Tea where we had enjoyed some very yummy tea.

Enough of my tea rant, you see Shelby hadn’t really experienced what Starbucks had to offer, and although she still loves her Dunkin Donuts drinks I think I have done something amazing! I have introduced her to the sometimes scary menu of Starbucks and showed her that there’s so much Starbucks has to offer for drinks. Sticking with teas I had a feeling she’d really enjoy a passion tea lemonade with a shot of raspberry (you all should really try it, it’s amazing). She loved it! Then we met with a friend of mine who told us about the green tea frappuccino with a vanilla replacement. What’s a vanilla replacement you ask? Well instead of the classic syrup that Starbucks uses, you replace it with the vanilla syrup. Shelby loved it!

For the love of coffee I’m back. I’m back to give you the love I have for coffee and for what the love of coffee does for everyone. It puts a smile on the faces of millions! It makes me so happy to be able to share my experiences of what coffee has done for me with Shelby, and other people around me.

Peace & Love,




  1. I’m with Shelby…..Dunkin’ Donuts all they way or hot or iced coffee……BUT, I do like the Iced Tea’s from Starbucks

  2. Reviewing any coffee shops soon? 🙂
    Have you checked out the Cafe Cocoa Mo coffee truck?

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