CFCF Roastery & Cafe

CFCF Roastery & Cafe:


There are only two words that can describe this place accurately, coffee depression. What is coffee depression you may ask? Well, let’s say you’re on your fifth cup of Maxwell House (I’m sorry if you drink that you’re really missing out), and you’re just not getting that high; that caffeine high that drives you through the rest of the day. It’s like your whole day you spend crashing and burning into a fiery pit of anger, sadness, and a suicidal outlook on life. Yes, that is a little dramatic, but come on you can’t say you don’t want to kill people if you don’t get your well-balanced cup of coffee in the morning.

Instagram: benjamingreger

Instagram: benjamingreger

Besides the obvious, which is the nice coffee decor, brick accent walls, iPads (that don’t use square…stupid), fun uptight-put-together pastries, nice comfy seating, okay light fixtures, nice smell of freshly brewed joe, cute display; this place is just looming of the case of Monday’s, hardcore. 

My latte tasted of burnt caramel, and overly frothed milk. I thought the barista was pretty nice, but the two who are behind the counter sure are…well, boring. However at least he seems somewhat excited about what he does on a daily basis. Meaning he’s willing to explain to the average joe like myself how they brew their coffee.

First impressions are keen in my eye, and when it comes to a small coffee shop like this there are a few things I am expecting. 1) Latte art. 2) A feel good staff. Meaning they love what they do and love how they do it. 3) WiFi. I mean this seems like a no-brainer for a coffee shop, but believe it or not there was no WiFi at CFCF.  4) Priced competitively, not geographically. This is important, hugely important. I understand that this is Greenwich CT, there’s millionaires down every street, however; great coffee doesn’t need to be priced high for the area in which your in, Barnies Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park is a great example of this.  This place is overly priced both inside and out. You have to pay for parking (which only takes quarters), and then the $4.85 latte I got in what looks to be like a medium cup rather than a large, it’s a bit frustrating. I don’t mind paying slightly higher, but make it worth it.

Overall, after it’s all said and done, I’d come back for another cup of coffee. I’d give it a second chance for CFCF to take a Zoloft and be happier! : fun atmosphere (decor wise), bitter burnt espresso, overly frothed milk, boring staff, no WiFi, but nice seating.

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