Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee
10 Downing Street
New York, NY 10014


Jack's Stir Brew

Jack’s Stir Brew

“Organic Fairtrade Shadegrown Coffee,” a perfect example of exactly how coffee should be. Jack’s Stir Brew is in one word (which is completely made up but…) BREWTASTIC! The espresso was undeniably creamy and balanced perfectly with local Hudson Valley Fresh Milk! There’s something so refreshing and exciting when all the ingredients being used in your meals and drinks are all right from your own backyard. Because guess what? It tastes 100% better than all those genetically enhanced ingredients you’d get at let’s say, your local Starbucks.

OH YES, yes I did just go out on a limb and state that Jack’s Stir Brew is in fact better than Starbucks. Now, for the most part many mom and pop enthusiasts who support the  local route will say, “Duh of course it’s better.” But, you have to understand Starbucks has  created what mom and pop cafe’s could only dream of; mass production with emphasis on customer loyalty. Unfortunately, what most mom and pop cafes lack is the number one golden rule, The Customer is ALWAYS Right. This rule is so often overlooked that the customer loyalty is not sustained.

Walking Towards Jack's!

Walking Towards Jack’s!

Jack’s is a true gem and right out it scores a  rating from TheCoffeeMan™ Pure euphoria when the espresso hits your lips. Have you ever been so caffeinated your brain just can’t handle it but it feels fantastic? That’s exactly how it is when drinking Jack’s A+++ grade espresso. My walk over after work this past Friday was nothing short of a perfect summer evening in New York City. The temperature was just right and you could smell the climax of summer as we slowly descend into my favorite time of the year, Fall. I approached the 10 Downing Street location (there’s 5 Jack’s across the city) and I was welcomed generously into the shop.

Local Favorites Menu

Local Favorites Menu

Immediately upon entering I smiled as big as ever. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the baristas were genuinely excited to serve, and although there was small amounts of seating Jack’s felt huge. I ordered a local favorite, the Teddy Boy. The espresso was pulled just right, the amount of ice was enough to add a refreshing chill to the drink, and it was balanced well with the perfect amount of cream. I can see why it was such a local favorite. I most certainly will be back to continue to pick apart the local favorites menu, but to also enjoy some of the award winning coffee! It was a pleasure enjoying Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee. Overall ! It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy a local vibe, great coffee & espresso, and to have a good conversation. Remember to tell em’ the Coffee Drinker’s Blog sent ya!

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  1. +1 on this review, feels like I’m sold and want to go there, haha.

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