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Please proceed to this post with your favorite brew, a nice warm fancy mug, and your undivided attention to a special guest here on Coffee Drinker’s Blog, Jeff Newton of Americano Monday’s! Jeff is a devoted coffee culturalist (in my most humble of opinions) and has a keen eye for telling stories through the lens of his camera (see the photos below). It’s what makes Jeff’s Americano Monday’s so special.

I recently reached out to Jeff after seeing one of his posts on Deus Ex Machina USA’s Facebook Page. I thought that what Jeff was doing was beyond cool, not to mention what an awesome name, Americano Monday’s. So I contacted Jeff, asked him a bit of questions, and, well, here are his answers!

What is your favorite song to listen to while drinking an Americano and why? 
I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite song, it’s more about adjusting my music selection to my mood and time of day. In the morning I’ll  make an Americano or French Press and listen to music along the lines of Sufjan Stevens, Local Natives or the Civil Wars. But later in the afternoon when I’m ready for my 2nd Americano and need to push through the day I’ll rock some Common Market, Jack White or The Black Keys. Very freakin’ loud. For me, it’s more about setting the tone for that particular moment of my day.
Jeff Newton: American Mondays

Jeff Newton: American Mondays

What grabs your attention when you first walk into a coffee shop? 
The music that the shop is playing. I’ve noticed that some cafe’s have forgotten that they are coffee shops and blast the music like a bar. That’s an automatic turn off. Especially when I’ve left my laptop at home and am just wanting to journal. Let’s just say there’s a problem when you can’t even hear your own thoughts.
On a happier note, I love it when I walk into an upscale coffee shop and the baristas – owners are all nice. That goes a long way in my decision to return.
Do you have a rating system of your own when judging coffee and the local shop your at?
I don’t have a rating system but I do choose certain coffee shops for specific reasons.
If I am hoping to put in some very focused work on my laptop then I will choose a coffee shop that has a good table selection and isn’t rockin’ the music too loud.
On the other hand, there are cafe’s that I love but they just don’t have the right ‘mobile office’ enviornment. And i’m glad those coffee shops still exists because it forces us to pull ourselves away from our too often, closed off world. There’s one very close to our home that I ride my bike to on a regular basis. I bring a book and a journal and chill…it’s a good feeling.
Jeff Newton: American Mondays

Jeff Newton: American Mondays

What’s the best conversation you’ve had most recently in a coffee shop? 
My wife and I discussing our future together.
Coffee Ice cream?
Yes and yes.
Why is coffee so special to you? 
Coffee culture became an important part of my life in my teenage years. I would stay up all night drinking coffee and writing in my journal. Then, as I got older I felt a connection with the community of people I would meet at coffee shops. Coffee to me is more about what’s in my cup – but it better taste good – and more about the experiences and life lessons I have gained through conversations held over a cup of coffee.
What are you currently brewing at home?
I am currently brewing Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso beans in our espresso machine. And a friend of mine recently gave me a pound of Stumptown Hair Bender beans that I use for French Press. 
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