Coffee House Ratings

CoffeeDrinkersBlog has a 5 star rating system which is comprised of the overall experience at a coffee house, barista services, taste of espresso or coffee, foam density and quality, smell, and latte design. Upon receiving a review of 3 or higher the establishment will receive a CoffeeDrinkersBlog sticker which will become a “Zagat” type sticker for the outside of the business. This will ensure customers that their coffee drinking experience is the best!

Pray for whoever has a cup of coffee here.

A rating of  1 star usually results in just one hell of a horrible experience this could boil down to how rude baristas were to the coffee being absolutely dreadful, or everything in-between. Honestly if TheCoffeeMan™ gives out a 1 rating this place needs an overhaul.

A rating of 2 stars is a coffee house that has an element of some surprise. The coffee could have actually been good but the overall experience was severely lacking taste.

A rating of 3 stars is a coffee house that truly has it going on, but could improve in several areas. These areas usually are related to the taste of the espresso, lack of latte art, or the overall experience.

A rating of 4 stars is a coffee house that is near excellent and highly recommend by TheCoffeeMan™ These are coffee houses that are usually highly talked about amongst peers, and have a great reputation for consistency in everything COFFEE!

A rating of 5 stars is a coffee house that’s perfect. The service is awesome, the coffee is perfect, the espresso is creamy, the foam is dense but light, there’s latte art, you had a smiled from ear to ear, and you couldn’t help but write a small review on Twitter or Facebook for all your friends to see!