I am TheCoffeeMan™, a dapper man, who enjoys not only the taste of coffee, but everything it has to offer. The aromas, great quality taste, and the conversations that spur after every sip. My real name is Benjamin Greger, a recent graduate of Full Sail University now working full time in Lower Manhattan. After nearly two years in Orlando, it feels great to be back in the Tri-State area, a place that I know and love. Through CoffeeDrinkersBlog I’ll be traveling throughout the metropolis of New York City in search of some of the best coffee houses, espresso bars, and the occasional tea spots.

My mother used to always tell me that coffee would stunt my growth, now if that’s true or not is up for another discussion, however; it didn’t stop me from uncovering my love and passion for coffee. It is a dream of mine to own my own coffee shop in the heart of SOHO, the plans for this are still under construction. Besides being a lover of coffee, my other interests include tattoos, Samuel Adams & Brooklyn Brewery beer, photography, typography, design, and all things marketing and advertising.

CoffeeDrinkersBlog has a 5 star rating system which is comprised of the overall experience at a coffee house, barista services, taste of espresso or coffee, foam density and quality, smell, and latte design. Upon receiving a review of 3 or higher the establishment will receive a CoffeeDrinkersBlog sticker which will become a “Zagat” type sticker for the outside of the business. This will ensure customers that their coffee drinking experience is the best!

I invite all of you to the conversation, please leave your comments, tell your friends, become a contributing writer with CoffeeDrinkersBlog even if it is a one time only kind of thing. Coffee is a ritual for some, but for others it’s a way of life.

Peace & Love,