sleeping moon cafe

Here’s a little cafe set on the outskirts of Winter Park, FL close to the Full Sail University side. When walking into The Sleeping Moon Cafe I was taken back by there not being so many people inside. I was a little let down, since I had liked their Facebook page and saw that Wednesday nights are usually game nights; I was expecting there to be a lot of people. Well it wasn’t going to stop me from trying the coffee, and having a good time with a few of my friends. I ordered an Iced Caramel Macchiato with whip cream on top. I waited normally as I would at any Starbucks by the bar for my drink to be presented to me. The guy behind the bar so don’t worry I’ll bring it out to you. So I took my seat to enjoy a nice round of chess, which by the way I am still pretty good at. My drink was brought to me and it was just a fantastic Iced Caramel Macchiato. It had the perfect amount of caramel and the espresso was just rich a delicious.

As the night progressed on more and more people started to show up and take part in game night, and the atmosphere of the cafe began to bustle making it feel more and more like a fun place to spend a weekday evening at. When I spoke to one of the workers they informed that they have open mic events on a regular basis and try to advertise as much as they can through their Facebook page. There are usually more performance based open mics, but they do have the occasional poetry readings, which I am looking forward to attending one night.

Overal my experience at The Sleeping Moon Cafe was well worth the unexpected travel out. I am still in search for that great open mic experience, and I think I might find it one night at The Sleeping Moon. The coffee was great and smooth. I noticed many people ordering sandwiches indicating to me they have some pretty good food worth eating. I would give The Sleeping Moon Cafe a 4.5 out 5 Stars.

There’s a piece of me that just wishes they could stay open a little later than 10PM, especially since many people didn’t start coming out until around 9PM.

Peace & Love,


P.S. To book a performance slot at the sleeping moon email:

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